DuraFlex Front Bumpers

Locked-In RC

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Product Overview

Are you tired of constantly replacing the OEM bumper on your 1/10 scale RC buggy? Locked-In RC has a better way.

Our New Dura-Flex bumpers are 3D printed from a tough and flexible materal that will last through punishment that would cause OEM bumpers to cry like they are last in the E-Main. Addionally these bumpers extender further down the bottom the chassis to also protect the A-Block and produce less drag on hard nose first landings protecting your buggy, the track, and your lap times. 

Available for TLR 22-X4, Associated B74/B74.1, XRAY XB4 (2021/2022) 



*Note Due to the nature of 3D printing there may be slight defects in the surface of the bumpers. These do not affect the performace or durability of the bumpers


(No reviews yet) Write a Review